Beautiful Art Glass Windows

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Artistry in Glass has designed and installed hundreds of beautiful art glass windows during the last 20 years.  Use our slide shows to inspire your next art glass project.  Remember that these ideas are merely a starting point.  We customise the size, design and colors to fit your individual requirement.

Southwestern designs
Floral designs
Beveled/Geometric Designs

Prairie/Modern designs

Forest/Mountain designs
Animal/Bird designs
Marine/Sea designs




Which style best fits your interior and architectural theme?  Is there a tile or fabric design that you can mirror in glass?  Do you like color or do you prefer the monochromatic elegance of etched glass?  Is this your retirement dream home or will you be re-selling?  Are there practical reason for art glass ... privacy, hiding an ugly view, cutting  glare and UV light?  Call the experts at Artistry in Glass for advice at  877-667-8050 or 520-320-0104

Nautical design on bathroom windows

blank_white.gif (198 bytes)blank_white.gif (198 bytes)Prairie-style designblank_white.gif (198 bytes)Heron is poised to fishblank_white.gif (198 bytes)Southwestern panoramic view

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