Sidelights: the importance of privacy


Sidelites bring light to your entryway but the downside is that they allow unwelcome visitors to peek in.   In many modern homes the open-plan architecture means that potential intruders can see right through to the back patio.  Blinds and shutters are not ideal in such narrow windows, so art glass becomes an attractive and practical solution.  

Unwelcome Guest #1:

Teenage nephew hitch-hikes into town unexpectedly.  He needs money for hair styling and recreational drugs.  He would  appreciate a place to sleep for a couple of weeks and room to store his drum set. 

Move mouse over image to restore retirement equanimity.

Unwelcome Guest #2:

IRS auditor has questions about your 2003 business trip to Rio de Janeiro. He would also like to inspect the home office for which you claimed a $19000 deduction last year.

Move mouse over image and consider joining Libertarian Party.

Entryways are Rosalia (above) and Jasmine models from Robson Communities Quail Creek Community in Green Valley. 


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