Beautify your entryway


Entryway Sidelights
These stylish Monterey Homes entryways really demand elegant sidelites from Artistry in Glass. Design (left to right) are: sandblasted (etched) SW pots, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired, Prairie style sidelight: Century Plant. Call Artistry in Glass at 520-320-0104 for a free consultation.

For most customers the main practical consideration is privacy.   Sidelights help to illuminate the entryway but visitors or unwelcome relatives can peek in and catch you in potentially embarrassing situations.  Blinds or shutters are not  ideal  for these narrow windows, so art glass is a perfect solution.   By selecting appropriate textures or frosting, the customer can choose the degree of privacy that they require.

Other Monterey Windows
Several models have bathroom windows directly over the bathtub, where privacy can be provided by art glass. 
High-up, clerestery windows provide extra light in several models but can result in troublesome glare from the bright Arizona sun.  Furthermore, UV light produces rapid fading of carpets, drapery, upholstery and valuable works of art.   Both of these problems can be solved by Art Glass

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