Custom designed tables and table tops

SW petroglyph figures etched on table top

  large dining table: 3/4" glass

any color glass: so long as it is greenish

36" diameter table top (left) features sandblasted SW designs.  42" * 84" dining table (center) is assembled from 3/4" thick glass.  24" diameter coffee table (right) is made from an oak-spoked wheel from a vintage Ford. 1/2" thick glass with a 1" bevel forms the top.

Simply consol table - frosted leg - brushed nickel brackets  

Console table (left) is 1/2 glass resting on sandblasted leg.

Table (right) is  3/4" thick scalloped-edge glass top with carving and gold-leafing.  The table rests on a spiral leg of frosted glass and is attached to the wall with shelf brackets.

Custom designed table suitable for entryway or powder room


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