Shelf/Mirror Combination

Mirror Against Wall

Mirror Away From Wall

Pivoting Mirrors

Mirror-shelf combination clipsAgainst the wall options Away from wall options pivoting mirror options

Combination clips

The perfect solution to support a simple bathroom mirror/shelf combination. Available in 3 finishes..

Clips or Adhesive

Hold your mirror firmly against the wall with stylish round or square clips in 3 designer finishes- brass, chrome and brushed nickel - or simple and convenient "Hang-it" brackets.

EdgeGrips or FramePegs

For a contemporary "away from the wall" look, edge-grips or mirror-pegs allow mirrors to be offset from the wall without drilling holes in the glass. For heavier mirrors, drill holes and use standoffs.

Pivot or Swinging Mirrors

Pivot your own mirrors or buy frameless or framed swinging mirrors for maximum versatility in bathrooms and dressing rooms.