Repair of stemware

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Chips in rims are the most common glass repair. As long as the glass is not cracked, chips can be ground and polished leaving the glass as good as new - but a trifle shorter.


Chips in the feet of glasses can also be ground and polished - the base becomes slightly elliptical - but can still be used.


Broken stems are the trickiest repair. They can be restored but the small surface area available for gluing means that the glass is not strong enough for use. It becomes a display piece for the china cabinet.


Tips to avoid breakage:- wash crystal by hand using mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Never put fine stemware in the dishwasher. Avoid scrubbing or abrasives. To prevent scratching and chipping - remove rings, swing the faucet out of the way and line the bottom of the sink with a rubber mat. To maintain a brand-new sparkle - add some vinegar to the water when rinsing. Dry with a soft cloth immediately after washing. Do not grip and rotate the bowl relative to the stem when polishing. Do not store crystal upside down - the rim of the bowl is the most vulnerable to chipping.


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