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Use an eagle for recognition and achievement



Lead Crystal eagle (right) ) is 9" tall with a 6 1/2" wingspan.  Eagle can be mounted on a glass, wood or marble base with a brass name-plate.

lead crystal eagle figurine

ter is  laser engraved in

Porcelain eagle (right) is available 10" or 14 1/2" tall and can be mounted on wood or marble.  Add a brass plate for a unique custom award.

porcelain eagle

Optic crystal block is 2"  by 2"  by  3" and contains a 3-D, laser-etched image of an eagle.   Comes in gift box for $44.50 + $6.00 shipping and handling Call toll-free 877-667-8050 or e-mail to order.

3-D eagle in optic crystal

front view of eagle

detail of laser etching